The Promise of Open Source Research

Chris Ryan 132 December 4, 2018
 New drugs can take ten or more years to complete the regulatory process and over a billion dollars, with less new drugs in the pipeline due to high risk of getting to the market place.  Many technologies never have a chance or further research.

By using Open Source Research for the World’s Most Costly and Deadly Diseases along with new communication technologies, better solutions can be found and used

This is a platform for collaboration, means to protect intellectual properties, and promote these important solutions to help curb the trillion dollar cost of health care and ways to improve quality of life. 

Open Source Research
Manuel for use of Open Source Research
Promise of Open Source Research

Open source research is a significant opportunity to better deal with the top medical problems that we currently face. This includes the existing problems with the biotech industry and the cumbersome pathways that face biotech.  A new plan with Open Source is to help leapfrog new technologies into regular use as well as use a new system for integration into acceptable medical care.  This can be assisted by open source research with a new biotech model powered with social networks.

Using a unique platform leveraging the utility of social collaboration, this tool will allow cancer research the opportunity for the first time to become open sourced.  This is accomplished by allowing our development partners the ability to protect, promote and produce their research in  unified online collaboration hubs known as micro social networks.  Using a proprietary open source platform that has integrated, several intellectual property tools can be used.  By leveraging a social collaboration network, there is an ability of giving development partners a new intellectual property mechanism and means for collaboration which will help provide needed tools for Open Source Research.

Promotion -  If the only way you can protect your research is by making it a trade secret, your ability of collaboration and business development is limited to the people and organizations who have signed a trade secret agreement with you.
Viratech’s open source platform allows our development partners the ability to promote their now protected intellectual property in a more public fashion.  With a permission layer, owners can choose who gets to see what and, when and utilizing our social collaboration hub, can broadcast results, press releases and ideas to the Viratech Open Source Research Network at no cost.
Chapter 1 
The Promise of Open Source Research
There is a worldwide epidemic of chronic diseases and a whole system of bioinformatics that is lacking integration, organization, protection, marketing and utilization. The promise of open source research now has many benefits to make a difference in health care.
Chapter 2
Open Source Reality:  The biotech model can make open source research a reality with its 4 P’s:  Protect, Promote, Produce, and Program.
Protection –
Intellectual Property Protection is vital to move forward with the use of open source research through this new platform. Research and Ideas are abstract, meaning without Intellectual Property protection anyone can take them, use them and reap the rewards of commercial development. Intellectual property laws are archaic, and the processes to protect and prosecute intellectual property claims are extremely expensive.  An analysis by The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, in Geneva confirms this and estimates that, due to the high cost of intellectual property protection, only 47,000 patents or less than 1% of the estimated 4.73 million concepts annually seek a patent or patented protection 4.  The other 4,600,000 + ideas annually seek the only intellectual property protection they can afford, which is keeping it a trade secret or what we call “closed source”. 
Promotion –
Promotion of Viratech system allows networking in the social networks plus its media stream and many features along with the ability to index on the internet for optimization, its automation and many other features inside the website that allows for spreading the words of our network production.  If the only way you can protect your research is by making it a trade secret, your ability of collaboration and business development is limited to the people and organizations who have signed a trade secret agreement with you.
This open source platform allows our development partners the ability to promote their now protected intellectual property in a more public fashion.  With a permission layer, owners can choose who gets to see what and, when and utilizing our social collaboration hub, can broadcast results, press releases and ideas to this Open Source Research Network at no cost.
Production –
The cost of developing an idea takes investment capital and coordinating a team of experts from various fields.  Traditionally this has been a highly fragmented process, and as such has been one of the hardest barriers of entry for the commercialization of a new technology. T this open source platform has integrated, via an exclusive license, a “crowdfunding” tool which, when current crowdfunding legislation becomes effective, will allow our development partners newly protected and promoted technologies with the ability of offering an investment opportunity directly from the same Micro Social Network.
Program –
Program is an optimal way to use the micro social networks to utilize the features that produce, protect, and promote open source research for cancer, diabetes, and other chronic medical problems.  This platform readily allows people and companies to create their own Micro Social Network, have free press releases, and access to news and information on our networks.
Chapter 3   
Road map for the 5 major areas of mortality and the highest cost of medical care:
Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, immune disorders, and infectious disease. 
  1.  Cancer
  2.  Diabetes
  3.  Heart Disease
  4.  Immune disorders
  5.  Infectious diseases
Cancer road map.
New cases of cancer are now a problem worldwide. With the increase in toxins and increase in the number of autoimmune problems, increase in the number of viruses and lack of protective measures for lifestyle and diet, lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, all these are factors that are relate to the epidemic of cancer internationally.
The road map of cancer is number 1 prevention, number 2 early detection and number 3 monitoring of disease states that are the underlying problem of cancer, number 4 monitoring and screening for cancer, and number 5 improve therapeutic options. Open for research, we can help with this as well as utilizing social networks for clinical trials, collaboration with researchers, using the media and platform of our network to educate people of solutions available and the opportunity to research share.

The road map for cancer is a very interesting map. This is because of the complexity of the underlying problems for each individual that relate to cancer.

By studying the status of cells, by early detection of disease states, by looking at the role of viruses, by doing collaborative research in multi areas and in integrated process for better approach to cancer. Isolated solutions are helpful, however without it comprehensive plan for cancer, the road map for solutions will go nowhere. This has been the problem for the last 50 years, especially for most of the deadly cancers in stage 3, stage 4 where the survivor rate is often less than 8% in 5 years.

One of the problems with cancer is it this is all to often hidden until late stages when symptoms arise. By finding stage oral cancer and researching the unified cancer theory in a collaborative way with the many experts from around the world, that gives us a better chance to make a difference for cancer.

Road map for diabetes.
Diabetes is one of the most costly medical problems now in the world. Countries where it used to be rare is now a frequent killer. Also cause a tremendous amount of money, it also a considerable pain and suffering associated with the complications of diabetes. Like cancer, diabetes is often undetected for many years til severe symptoms arise. One of the problems in health care is not enough prevention, early detection and better ways to monitoring.

By using the Wellness Index, we can help use that to monitor health, to look early against metabolic problems such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetic states. We can also work in preventing diabetes and metabolic syndrome by improved diet, lifestyle and exercise.
Road map to immune disease.
Just 30 years ago, autoimmune disease was an unknown rare disease. Autoimmune disease is were often a waste basket, diagnosis of depression, arthritis and crazy patients. Because it was so seldom recognized, and for lack of diagnostics, autoimmune diseases were dismissed as a stomach disorder, neurological problems or arthritis, prone to disease states and other vague form of diagnosis. In some cases, some symptoms were blamed on reoccurring viruses. Although this may be true for some underlying problems associated with autoimmune disease, we know a lot more about autoimmune disease.
Like cancer, autoimmune disease is frequently misdiagnosed. It is also important to recognize the underlying problems of autoimmune disease and they're now considered to be a hundreds of autoimmune type diseases. Good examples of this is again, diabetes, as another immune disease, some forms of neurological problems, chronic fatigue, lupus, arthritis, Felty’s syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, thyroid diseases of all kinds, blood disorders, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, also ulcerative colitis, a spectrum of bowel problems, pancytopenia which is a problem with the body's ability to produce white cells, red cells and platelets, myeloproliferative disease.

Infectious diseases.
 Infectious diseases is a road map that needs to be plotted. Many epidemics are wiped out now, massive quantity of people and populations and a reoccurring phases over time. The opportunity for infections to wipe out large portions of mankind is more imminent than ever. Many articles have been written on this on a continuous basis and countless numbers of journals. It's a hot topic throughout the world in the realm of infectious diseases. It's the greatest killer of kids in 3rd world countries, due to lack of potable water and healthy food.
The road map to infectious diseases should include number 1, cost effective solutions for early treatment of omphalitis and trachoma. Omphalitis is a number one killer of newborn kids in 3rd world countries. Trachoma is a number one cause of blindness in the world. Both these are cause of infections and lack of hygiene. With open sourced researched and a map to direct ways to integrate **** solutions allows for change. Highly contagious viruses such as the **** virus, the Hantavirus and viruses from viral person posed the single greatest threat to the human species. Methods of early detection, isolation, treatment are vital for us to be able survive the inevitable pandemic.

Currently, our existing emergency rooms are unable to handle their current volume. Sweeping changes in the emergency medical services are needed to be able to handle infectious diseases and epidemics and acts of viral person.

Open source research and collaboration can allow for private industries to participate in the storage of medically needed equipment. By having mobile diagnostic centers and mobile therapeutic centers for new technologies such as the artificial pancreas, help their screening, can be used for day to day basis for health screening and health care. These mobile units could be used in parking lots for churches, at work places, shopping centers and other locations. In case of emergency, these centers can be rapidly converted into diagnostics screenings and equipment for centers. Open source research would allow experts in a field of emergency medical services to collaborate with those in infectious disease to best figure out how to utilize these units. One of the problems we faced is that emergency medical services would totally shut down the event of any kind of pandemic. This is because of the no one in no one out problem as well as the effect of lack of personnel in facilities. These mobile units can also be used for non infectious diseases, for care for folks in the event that emergency rooms are shut down in the region. Current available medical equipment in states throughout the country is extraordinarily limited. That is to say in the event of an epidemic or pandemic, there is limited ability to treat patients in parking lots and the emergency critical care equipment is so limited that it can only take care of the microscopic percentage of people if there's even any equipment available at all.
Chapter 4
  1. Introduction to Open Source Research
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Open Source Research and ADMA and NO levels that are markedly elevated in cancer patients